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What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting is simply storing your website data (code, images, videos, etc.). storing your files on a server to make your site viewable online is called Web Hosting. You need to buy some amount of storage on a server to your website online is Web Hosting. 

How does Web Hosting works?

Web hosts are companies that rent out some storage and services on their servers to host our website on the internet all over the world. Once you host your files with a hosting company successfully, users can access your website easily by typing your website's URL or address.

when users type/enters the address, their computer connects them to the server your website is hosted on, and the server sends your files to display the website to your visitor in their web browser. 

How to choose the Best Web Hosting package? [right web hosting]

There are several companies offering lots of plans. to know which plan would be right for your website/business. Ask yourself with the following questions?

what kind of website do you plan to host online:
  • A blog
  • An e-commerce portal
  • A news website
  • Or other kinds of website
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How to know which Web Hosting Provider Is Best? 

investigate their performance with these following points.

  1. Years in the industry - one way to determine their stability, ability, capability.
  2. Support - Does the provider offer 24/7 support, call support, text support, etc.
  3. Uptime - Do they guarantee at least 99% uptime? 
  4. Security - Do the promise to keep your data secure? 
  5. Customers - How many customers do they serve? 
  6. Online reviews - This research should give you a more factual idea of the company's reputation.

How to choose Best Web Hosting in 2020? [ Detailed ]

Best Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting is one of the keys to the components of every successful website. 
Choosing the Best Web Hosting for your needs can improve your website's SEO Score and sales. There are various different types of web hostings options are available such as free, shared hostingVPS Web HostingDedicated Web Hosting, and Managed WordPress Web hosting.  In the next point, we'll help you to choose the best web hosting for your site. 

If you are in a rush, then you should see the points mentioned below. 

What are the Web Hosting options available?

There are several ways to host your website.

1. Shared Hosting:

If you are hosting a small blog or website that is just starting out, shared hosting is a good option to start with. Shared hosting is simply sharing the storage with other websites that are hosted on. you can host your website at a low cost with shared hosting.

If you have a WordPress website, it is recommended that you Buy a WordPress Hosting Package as it is specially optimized to give your WordPress website the best results. 

If you want to get in a web host selling business, you can buy reseller hosting. Reseller hosting enables you to re-sell or rent out some storage or services provided by the parent hosting company. 

Dedicated hosting gives you complete access to your server that you buy from the hosting company. 

5. VPS hosting: 

You can Think of VPS hosting as a higher, stronger, and more advanced than shared hosting. While you share a server with other websites, you are assigned resources that are not shared with other properties. If you can not afford a Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting is the best option for you.   

What are the features should you consider while choosing the Best Web Hosting?

When choosing the best web hosting service, there are over a dozen features to be considered. Choosing a Best Web Hosting is a long-time commitment and should never be made without serious and comprehensive research. 

  • Cost 

On average, the subscription price for basic web hosting services can be purchased for under $10 per month including the purchase of a domain name

  • Performance

When comparing the performance of various web hosting services, note what hardware the provider will use. (ex. HDD or SSD/ 2GB RAM or 4GB RAM)You will also need to consider what type of server you want to use for your website: Shared, dedicated, or cloud-based. Your choice will determine what performance you can expect from your web hosting.

  • Uptime

Once you host your website, you'd like for it to be up (online) and accessible 100% of the time, but no web hosting service can ensure perfection, so most of the providers commit to 99.9% uptime. If your business is willing to spend a little more for extra uptime guarantees, you might be able to negotiate 99.99% uptime.

  • Bandwidth

A small business with a website that draws only a few visitors a day looking for contact information has much different needs than a business streaming thousands of media files daily.
Most web hosting services can handle a multitude of scenarios but will adjust pricing depending on the bandwidth requested.

  • Security 

A web hosting service should have the means and the resources to offer a secure website infrastructure, complete with the latest updates, patches, and active security protocols necessary to prevent the cyberattacks

  • Customer Support

While all of the technical considerations of choosing a web host service provider are important to the decision-making process, customer support and the depth of rapport your business can establish with that provider is often the most important factor.

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