Why SEO is important for ranking your website on google - Improve SEO rankings 

Why SEO is important:
SEO helps your website to rank higher in google search, to get more traffic organically (without paid promo's.) today I'm sharing an article on Why SEO is important and also covering SEO for blogger.  

In this article, we have shared tips to improve SEO rankings through some most important points such as: Improve SEO rankings, Local SEOOn-page SEO, Image optimization, SEO link building,  

Why SEO is important
Why SEO is important

SEO helps Websites to create fast, robust, and user-friendly websites that rank higher in Google Search.

SEO: Search engine optimization is the process of making your website rank for desirable keywords in order to bring or organic traffic (search traffic). 

SEO targets the factors search engines use to rank pages. If you're a Website owner, you might wonder if SEO can really help you. 

The answer is yes, and here's how.

Why should you care about SEO? /Why SEO is Important? 

Why SEO is important

Every year, Google changes the way its search engine works. there are regular changes throughout the year, as well as numerous small tweaks. all this is served to make old search engine optimization tactics out-of-date.

Going forward we will see further adjustments in search algorithms, but you can start improving your website based on last year's changes.

More and more websites are seeing their rankings in google is dropping with each algorithm tweak. *Unless your site is properly updated, you will find it very difficult to maintain a good position in the search results.*     

Nowadays google using semantic search to figure out the user's search intentions. first of all, understand semantic search and move forward to improve our rankings through SEO 

Let's understand the semantic search 

Understanding semantic search to improve SEO rankings

Why SEO is important
Improve SEO rankings

One of the most used terms nowadays is " Semantic search ". this simply means that google tries to figure out what the intention of the user's (searcher) is.

For example,
If you are looking for "Diet recipes", the search engine also may return "best healthy food recipes "  which would be prevalent for someone needing diet recipes.

Make your content semantic searchable using LSI keywords.

Read the following paragraph carefully to understand Why SEO is important and how to improve SEO rankings.  

Semantic search optimized content, using keywords 

While optimizing your site for being searched, you need to keep in mind that just the main keyword is no longer enough. (Do not stuff a single keyword too much!)

You need to include related keywords & phrases too, for better defining your content or what is your content about. This helps the search engine to show your site to the visitor who actually needs your site's content.  

As, LSI ( latent semantic indexing ) has been on the rise for a while, but it is increasingly more and more important.  

How to improve SEO rankings? in 4 simple ways

How to improve SEO rankings? well, you try these points to improve your SEO rankings

1. Improve SEO rankings through CONTENT!.

2. Improve SEO rankings through Onsite-SEO / On-page SEO!

3. Improve SEO rankings through Link building

4. Improve SEO rankings through Local SEO

5. Improve SEO rankings through Optimization tools!

1.Improve SEO rankings through Content


Content has long been an important part of the internet, but it is now much more important nowadays than ever before.

The genuine content will not only boost rankings but also engage readers. 
Once readers are getting engaged to your content,  you will automatically start getting ranked on google.        

Keep your content original and Optimizable. The level of optimized content helps search engines to determine the value of your website.

Let's see how to optimize content to improve SEO rankings

Content optimization to improve SEO rankings

When it comes to the content, words are not only important to ' improve SEO rankings '. Images are also the content to be optimized to improve SEO rankings.

Text content is fairly simple since you can keywords in it. However, you will find that photos and videos are more likely to be shared on social media.
Don't forget to optimize images! to 'improve SEO rankings'.  

read further for step by step content optimization.

Content optimization to improve SEO rankings

01. Text Optimization

The text should also include headings and subheadings. these are important to improve the readability.

When you use headings or subheadings (h1,h2,h3, etc.) this helps the search engine to find the important words and a good indication of what is your content or website about. For this, your headings should include at least one keyword phrase.

02. Image Optimization

To optimize your photos, add a description and alt text. 
This helps the search engine decide if the picture is something relevant for searches.
You can also add the main keyword in the caption to improve SEO rankings.
Additional tip:
Optimize your image file name with including your main keyword in it. 

 03. Content-Length 

One of the most common questions is, what length is best for the website to rank better?
* Is an 800-words article likely to get better rankings than a 300-words article? 
The answer is simple, it all depends on the information you are trying to share.

While content length does not matter to some extent, 
An article of a 400-words well optimized and with multiple backlinks can rank better than an unoptimized 2000-word article.

Since quality matters, it's usually a good idea to stick to an article that is long enough to cover all the points of information, rather than repeating the same over and over. 

04. Quality Content

anyone who reads/searches online has seen a spam site, where all the content is generated by spinners. 
Awkward phrases, poor wording, and terrible grammar.

While the copied content may cost less, but it won't hold up the high position google search. 

Your articles and blog post should be informative and engaging. when a post is entertaining and valuable, it can easily go viral.
More and more people will share it and your quality content gets plenty of backlinks.       

2. Improve SEO rankings through On-page SEO

On-page SEO: On-page SEO factors can have a good impact on your site's rankings. 

Improve SEO rankings

High-Quality content 

It is the backbone of the on-page SEO factor.
Your content is where most keywords are found, but it is also very useful to provide people the necessary information. 
Well written posts/articles or infographics are shared wide, adding to your website's visibility and trustworthiness.

Use a structured schema 

The schema also helps search engines to replace meta descriptions with a rich snippet in the search result. This means that a far more enticing piece of text appears under the title of the page. 
While the metadata is still necessary for ranking, the rich snippet increases the clicks.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are not available for all types of content, but since this is an era that is consistently changing, it's a good idea to include the markup. it may be used in the future.  

3. Improve SEO rankings through Link Building

Links are still very important for google ranking, but the quality of links is far more important than ever before.
Improve SEO rankings

Every link on your website is a vote for the quality of your website. This is called backlink / link-building. 

If a backlink you get is from a spammy website it won't hold up much in google. But if you are getting a backlink from a website that google holds in high esteem, however, can be very useful to improve SEO rankings 

It is very important that your backlinking efforts worth it. Take time to build those links, but ensure that you are linking to Google-approved websites.

Before you rush off.....

Before you rush off to find the website, that will feature your website and link to your page, you will need to develop a strategy. This will save you time in the long run, as you can avoid submitting multiple times to the same website.

Creating a strategy

Step 1: Review your current link buildings.

Check how many backlinks you currently have. There are so many paid & free tools that can give you a list of sites linking to you.

For example:

Step 2: Plan on how to get backlinks.

Now that you know how many backlinks, you'll need to improve SEO rankings. Instead of going haphazardly, you should have a plan.

Step 3: Choose which websites to link.

Always check DA (Domain Authority)and PA (Page Authority) of the page you wanna link.   
You can take the help of this website to check DA/PA.

Step 4: Go get backlinks!

You can contact the website owner to mention you to get a backlink, or you can guest post on websites, Or you can simply comment in their comment box with some informative content in short and paste your link.

4. Improve SEO rankings through Local SEO

Improve SEO rankings
Local SEO

Local SEO focuses on local search terms. when your website is optimized for local search also, you will tend to get more local traffic, which can increase your rank in Google for specific locations.  

Optimizing your website is simply adding a few more keywords to the content, however. it is a complicated mix of onsite and off-site SEO from link building and quality content creation. 

Local SEO takes time to implement, but it is certainly worth it!

Thanks for reading!

About the article:

In this article, we have shared tips to improve SEO rankings through some most important points such as: Improve SEO rankingsLocal SEO,  On-page SEOImage optimizationSEO link building.

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