Top 5 Best PUBG triggers and controllers under RS.300/-  | Gaming triggers 

If you want to be a pro player of pubg, try these triggers to improve your gameplay. use pubg triggers for better control of your game. use pubg triggers for quick movements.  

The Pubg triggers buttons help in enhancing the gaming experience. These have a wonderful design, unlike touch buttons. It avoids sweat and fingerprints on the mobile screen. It is designed with foam finish to prevent any sort of mark on the touch-screen phone.

Setting instructions:- 
1. Start your game, and press the "Settings – Control – Customize" 
2. Move the "Fire" button to the top of the left corner; 
3. Move the "Aim" button to the top of the right corner; 
4. Adjust the Shoot and Aim buttons under the touchpad, of the cellphone game controller; 
5. "Save" your settings.

1. LXCN super sensitive touch pubg triggers

M.R.P : ₹ 799.00

Price   : ₹ 249.00 [free delivery]

You save ₹ 550.00(69%)

Supported Devices & Games
Compatible For Pubg Mobile, Knives Out, Rules Of Survival, Survivor Royale, Battle Royale, Critical Ops, Etc.
Designed For Games On iPhone And Android, Suitable For All Models Of 4.7-6.5-Inch iPhone Android Phones.
2-In-1 Pubg Controller: Combines Gamepads, pubg Triggers, And Mobile Phone Holders Into One.
Suitable For All Models Of 4-6.5-Inch Mobile Phones, For Pubg Mobile, Rules Of Survival, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops, Etc.

Physical Button
The Mobile Trigger Can Be Flipped For Easy Operation Of The Screen.
Quicker, More Responsive, More Sensitive, The Game More Pleasure.
Sensitive Touchpad, No Damage Screen.

2. Technofill Thanos X7 Mobile Pubg Triggers Sensitiveshoot LT019BLG

M.R.P : ₹ 1,099.00

Price   : ₹ 239.00 

You save ₹ 860.00(78%)

Pubg Trigger does not Block the Map & Give You A Great View. Highly Sensitive Touch, Eat Chicken Quickly! Moving Aiming And Shooting At The Same Time, Reduce The Reaction Time So That You Can Shoot The Enemies Quickly.
Support Devices:
Pubg Trigger support all the Android & iPhones.
Support Games:
Pubg trigger Mobile Game Controller is designed for shooting games include PUBG/Knives Out/Survivor Royal/Critical Ops etc.
Great Game Experience:
Convenient control and sensitive operation with the mobile game controller will bring you more exciting game experience and higher scores.
More Sensitive:
Our mobile game controller offers a flexible installation position, not mess with phone buttons, and takes negligible screen sight.
No Sheltering From Sight:
Pubg triggers take up hardly any space at the top of the screen. They have a very satisfying click when you pull the triggers as well.

[ 5 BEST ]  PUBG triggers and controllers under RS.300/-  | Pubg triggers 

3. SeCro Double Trigger mobile gaming Controller with L1R1 L2R2 Button 

M.R.P: ₹ 750.00

Price: ₹ 249.00 

You save ₹ 501.00(67%)

Mobile game trigger combined with grip,you can immediately improve your skills and reduce the awkward reaction. Play anytime and anywhere! Gamepad and trigger were made up of ABS, transparent style will not block line of sight, Electroplate prevented red copper from falling and corroding.

The Smartphone Game Triggers Support almost games on Android or IOS phone and our l1r1 mobile triggers are perfectly compatible for shooting games including PUBG, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Survivor Royale, as long as the game allows customize and drag the touch keys, our mobile phone triggers can fit perfectly.

[ 5 BEST ]  PUBG triggers and controllers under RS.300/-  | Pubg triggers 

4. Blendia PUBG Triggers / Metal gaming triggers 

M.R.P: ₹ 599.00

Price: ₹ 249.00 

You save ₹ 350.00(58%)

PUBG Gamepad/Metal Trigger Gaming Accessory Kit (Black, for Mobile) Gaming Accessory Kit (Black, for Android, iOS)


5. SeCro Mobile Game Controller【Upgraded Version】- PUBG/Knives Out Mobile Controller

M.R.P: ₹ 945.00

Price: ₹ 299.00 

You save ₹ 646.00(58%)

Legal Disclaimer:

SeCro is registered trademark brand under Indian Trademark Organization with Trademark Registration Number - 3886063 Use or mention of our brand name SeCro is illegal without the authorization of the trademark owner or any licensees (provided that such authorization was within the scope of the license) and may commence legal proceedings against the infringe and under the Provisions of the Trade Marks Act, 1999, the offenses under the Act are Cognizable. Warranty Details for this offer BACK BENCHER'S provides a warranty on this product. Any physical damage with the product doesn't cover the warranty.

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